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Luxury Villa

Casa Dressers 
Long-Term luxury furniture and decor rentals

Employee Relocation/vacation homes/home staging for real estate selling - CDs got you covered. We help you create upscale residences using our 'Plug and Live' Model.

Let our team of interior decorators help you make that home - picture-perfect. 

Interior Designing

Products and Package Info

Furniture, Accessories, and Home appliances ;

-  minimum rental time  - 1 week 

- find out more about our packages. 

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Short Term Residential Set-up

For Companies, Expats, and HNI

Relocating to Bangalore for a few months?

Waiting for your custom furniture to arrive?

Yet, looking for fully functional and luxurious living in your new home?

Casa Dresser can help you dress up your new residence and take care of little things.


And yes, we mean little things like crystal coasters,  salad bowls and champagne glasses as well. 


Home Staging 

For Real Estate Agents and Sellers 

Create an unforgettable first impression for prospective buyers by adding life to an empty home.

Home Staging helps you sell your property 10 times faster. Make your home stand out from the sea of available homes for buyers. 

And yes, we will add props like dining table set-up and coffee maker in the kitchen to make it as real as it can get. 

Vacation Rental Service

Vacation Home Owners

Have a home in the city that you use only for a month in a year?

Have a luxurious property you want to rent out for a few months?

CD can help you create a stylish warm home for a perfect stay or to rent out your space faster than any other place. 

And yes, we rent out dining accessories as well, so you don't have to worry about having that coffee in a small mug or wine in a whisky glass.  We take care of small things to give you the luxury you deserve of a good home.

Individual Room Dresser

Home Owners 

Have some guests come over for a few days? Give your guests the luxury of having a perfect room, fully serviced with the choicest of furniture and accessories, and be a super host. 


Waiting for the delivery of your beautiful furniture, let CD dress up your space till then.

And yes, we even have those Egyptian cotton bedspreads and duvets to make sure you, or your guests, get a good night's sleep. 

Luxurious Hotel Bed
Modern Country House

- We don't keep or rent any piece in which we don't have confidence.

-We manufacture all our pieces, custom-made only to suit high-end furniture requirements.

- Both Indoor and Outdoor - including pool loungers.

-We do offer customization of furniture also. 

- If you like it, you can buy it too. 

-Inventory includes:

All Indoor and Outdoor Furniture


Basic Appliances 

- Basic yet classy. 

- Plug and Use appliances only.

- From electric coffee maker to an oven.

- From a double-door refrigerator to the front-load washing machine.

- Need something specific, let us know. We will make sure it is in your home before you arrive. 

-Inventory includes : 

Toaster, Coffee Maker, Mixer Grinder, Oven, Microwave, TV, and Refrigerator.

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Rolled Up Rugs

Bespoke Furniture 

Must Have Accessories 

- Handpicked from across the world to add warmth and style to a room.

- We have everything you need to kickstart your stay the day you reach. Leave the set-up to our industry specialists. 

- Inventory includes : 

Lamps, Rugs, Cushions, Bed Linen, Dining Table Linen, Artwork, Table accessories ( Sculptures and mirror frames), Bar Sets, Coaster, Cookware sets, Dinner Sets, Mugs and Glasses,  etc...

Meet our Founder and Interior Decorator

Aprajita Bhargava Bhasin 

Coming from a background of a decade in broadcast media as an International Radio Jockey and National Television Anchor,  and over 7 years in Furniture and Interior Design, Aprajita has an eye for detail and aesthetics.

From helping clients select the right fabric for their sofa to the right dinner set for the evening, Aprajita makes sure every corner of the house is thought after. 

Working with mega homes, Aprajita got the opportunity to be able to experiment with different decorating styles - from uber-modern to French Classical. 

You will often find her sharing her thoughts on decor trends in leading magazines and dailies in India. 

Married to Mr. Kabir Bhasin, CEO of East Lifestyle and Ex- Co- Founder at FURLENCO, Aprajita doesn't shy away from calling her partner, her mentor, who has over 25 years of experience in the furniture and interior industry in India.

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Pink Cream

Get in touch

Write us a mail to : / 

OR call / Whatsapp to us on : +91-80-4052-4200 

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