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Real Garden Croton plant.  Comes in a basic black pot.  


Modern | Contemporary | Classical | Plant decoration | Fillers | small Plants 


Price mentioned is the rental charge per 24hours


Dimensions - Approx 20"-22" height


Material - Real Plant 


Readily available Qtty : 1 in each size.



Garden Croton Plant

  • Items need to be returned within the said rental time. 

    In the case of damaged goods, the actual price of the item shall be deducted from the security amount. 


  • PACKAGING : All items shipped from our warehouse will be packed and delivered in 'travel-mode' safe packaging. At the time of pick-up, items need to be packed by you in same manner. Special packaging care needs to be taken for items made of glass and ceramics.

    DELIVERY : We can arrange for pick up and drop of the items at your location. Cost of delivery will be added to the final invoice once you give us the location of the shoot or event. Alternatively, you can also pick up and drop items directly to our warehouse in Koramangala,Bangalore. 

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